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resolving the issue
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Berlins schematischer U-Bahn-Plan und der wirkliche Linienverlauf
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Budget Cuts.
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This fake brain actually has the same consistency as the real deal. So now you know how concussions happen! 

All my datafiles…contained in jelly…

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Moon bowl.
10.5" diameter. 4" high. Glazed black with a hint of red at the rim. Gold and silver lustred stars and galaxy within the middle.
Underside is modelled to recreate the surface of our moon and is left unglazed.
Available as a one off concept bowl ..never to be remade at

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How Did They Get That Shot?

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EU: "Vegane Produkte dürfen nicht mehr Butter oder Milch heißen!" Hersteller: "Dann halt Buddamülch"
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Die Regierungserklärung von Olaf Scholz ist hier wunderschön unterbildert mit der Realität, von der er versucht, zu sprechen. #noG20
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